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Welcome to Cutting Edge Services

So what do we do?

The idea of landscaping begins with an

image in your head, we then take that image and bring it to life.

We offer landscaping services to help promote the visual aesthetics of your home.
At Cutting Edge Services, we love to make our customers happy no matter how big
or small the job is.

By hiring Cutting Edge Services, you not only are getting our work, but also our designs, top quality soil and grass, expertise on maintenance, and dedication to perfection.

We like to take pride in what we do because we are passionate in making Brazoria County and it's surrounding areas beautiful, one house at a time.

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At Cutting Edge Services, we pride ourselves with 
hard work and dedication to our craft. Check out 
our work and what we do.

Preparing the ground

Ideally, all the ground in the landscaping

would be leveled and easy to work with, but we're Cutting Edge Services, we make any type of ground work to have your landscape dream work!

General Land cleaning

We clean up around the area to make sure your new landscaping design, will not have any obstruction once we set it in place. We remove roots, weeds, and bushes to make sure this is possible.

Finishing up

Once the ground is leveled, and obstructions are removed, we set down the landscape itself, setting bricks, flowers, or any other type of plants you want. 

Finished Product

We take pride in what we are able to present to you at the end of the project. We won't stop until you are satisfied and you get what you want.